Supporting India with the Venkat Trust Covid Emergency Programme

The Venkat Trust is a wonderful charity that provides and improves educational facilities for children and young people in the Indian fishing village of Kovalam, near Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

Here at Meg & Milo we're very proud to be supporting this charity throughout May & June 2021 to help raise money for the critical work they are carrying out in Kovalam. We will donate 25% of our profits from all sales made in May & June to the charity. You can also add a charity donation at checkout, if you wish. This is currently set up for our support to the Winston's Wish charity. However, if you would like your donation to go to the Venkat Trust, then please leave us a note at checkout and we will happily do so. Please note that every penny of every donation goes straight to Kovalam. The charity trustees cover the costs of the UK operations.

As you will have seen in the media, the current Covid-19 crisis is having a devastating impact throughout India. Covid cases are now rocketing in South India and the number in Kovalam (Tamil Nadu, not to be confused with its namesake in Kerala) are now out of control. There are no hospital places for Covid sufferers, oxygen supplies are very low and there’s no vaccine.

The Venkat Trust Covid Emergency Programme has been set up to help the people of Kovalam through this nightmare.  They're operating mobile pick up places for large bags of rice and curry ingredients, using the Venkat Trust school bus, for all those in need of food, which will increase dramatically now lock down restrictions are in place. Strict social distancing for everyone and portable Perspex screens for the volunteers have been implemented.  A Helpline is available for those needing assistance (particularly Covid affected families) with the cost of medicines, transport to and from Out Patients in a neighbouring town which is the only help available for them, as well as food.   Posters with this information and Covid precautions have been put up around the village and a loudspeaker car has also been advising people.  

Your support will help them continue this important work and make a difference to families in Kovalam affected by Covid-19. You can find more information here: