Arlo & Jude School Worry Doll
Arlo & Jude School Worry Doll

Arlo & Jude School Worry Doll

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Meg started school this year and she loves it! However, she definitely has little wobbles every now and then and I was looking for something to help. When I came across these lovely little School Worry Dolls.

They have been designed to assist specifically when little ones are feeling anxious about going back to school or starting a new school.

Their purpose is to encourage children to talk about any concerns they have, then sleep with it under their pillow and in the morning all the worries will be gone!

Each doll comes with a cotton bag and a little card which reads the following poem:-

“I’m your little worry doll, I’ll be your best friend too,
Take me to school in your pocket or bag, and I’ll know just what to do.
Be brave and strong, go and enjoy your day,
Tell me any worries you have, and I’ll magic them all away.
I’ll always be by your side, you have nothing to fear,
Please remember it helps to talk, and that love and support is always near.”